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Founded June 9, 1980



(Revised: October 20, 2015)




Section 1   The name of this Club shall be: Fairfax County Golden Racquets Tennis Club.


Section 2   The headquarters of this Club shall be the residence of its President or Acting President.


Section 3   This Club functions as a non-profit organization.




Section 1   The purpose of this Club shall be to promote the sport of tennis among senior citizens of Northern Virginia as a means of recreation, physical fitness, and the sharing of good fellowship.




Section 1   This Club is for playing tennis and is not intended to provide instruction for persons desiring to learn the fundamentals of tennis.


Section 2   Any citizen of  Northern Virginia and such other persons as the Executive Board chooses to admit, who is fifty (50) years of age or older, shall be eligible to become a member, provided that the conditions of Paragraph 10, of the Administrative section of the By-Laws is satisfied.  A seniority number will be assigned to each member relative to his or her entry date. Once having joined, it is the individual member's decision whether or not to retain membership, regardless of where he or she elects to relocate.  Current members are not affected by this ruling.


Section 3   The Board shall determine the annual dues of this Club.  Members who reach the age of 90 will be made honorary members and will not be assessed dues.  Dues shall cover the estimated amount necessary for operation of the Club, such as administrative, hospitality and related costs.  The dues submission date should be made prior to September 1 of each year.


New members joining and paying dues between September 1 and December 31 will not have to pay dues for the following year. New members joining after December 31 but before summer signup (normally some time in March) will not be required to pay dues again for the New Year.    For record keeping purposes, the total membership of Golden Racquets will be determined as of September 1 of each year. 


Section 4   Each member shall have a vote at the annual meeting and any special membership meetings. Members unable to attend meetings may provide a suitably worded proxy to another member or to any officer of the Club.  Proxy statements shall be registered with the Club Secretary prior to taking votes.





Section 1   Officers - The officers of this Club shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. 

Section 2    Standing Committees - Standing Committees shall include a Rating Committee, Social Committee, Caring Committee, Chief Information Officer, Web Site Manager, Newsletter Editor and an Operations and Planning Chair, Membership Chair, Team Captains.

Section 3   Executive Board - There shall be an Executive Board, hereafter referred to as the Board, consisting of the officers named in Section 1, Standing Committee Chairpersons and former Presidents for a period of 2 years following their term of office.    In the event of a vacancy in an elected office, the Board is authorized to appoint a temporary officer to serve until the next Annual meeting of members.  Newly elected officers and Chairpersons shall take office on January 1.


Section 4   Board Duties - The Executive Board shall exercise supervision over all affairs of the Club. The Board shall meet at the call of the President, but as a minimum shall meet prior to the start of the outdoor and indoor seasons.  Any member may attend Board meetings as a non-voting participant.  The Board shall establish and publish Operating Procedures.


Section 5   President Duties - The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Club.  The President shall call all meetings of the Board and preside over such meetings.  The President shall be the Presiding officer at the Annual Meeting of members. The President shall appoint ad hoc committees for special assignments and may make temporary appointments of no more than one (1) year to the Board of certain members who have been or will be helpful to the Club on a voluntary basis. The President shall be a member ex officio on all committees.


Section 6   Vice President Duties - The Vice-President shall perform all duties as may be assigned to him or her by the President or the Board.


Section 7   Secretary Duties - The Secretary shall record the proceedings of all Board and membership meetings and perform other duties assigned by the President or the Board.


Section 8   Treasurer Duties -

- The Treasurer shall handle the Club's financial affairs, perform       necessary banking duties and submit a current financial statement at Board and Annual Membership meetings. The Treasurer shall inform the President of the Club's financial status and of any member who is delinquent in payments. Checks issued in amounts of $500.00 or more shall require the signatures of the Treasurer and President or Vice-President, whose signatures will appear on bank signature cards. The books of the Treasurer shall be audited annually. The Treasurer shall maintain a record of all payments received from members, and reconcile that record with the record maintained by the Chief Information Officer following each season signup and social event.


Section 9   Chief Information Officer Duties–

The President shall appoint with approval of the Board a Chief Information Officer. The Chief Information Officer shall be responsible for maintaining an up to date database of members to include their names, addresses, phones (both home and cell), email addresses, emergency information, rating, seniority, and such other information as needed. The Chief Information Officer shall receive all payments from members, maintain a record of these payments, and pass the payments on to the Treasurer.  The Chief Information Officer shall assist in reconciling this record with that of the Treasurer following each season signup and social event.



Section 10   Web Manager Duties– The President shall appoint with approval of the Board a Web Manager.  The Web Manager shall be responsible for maintaining the Golden Racquets Web site to include current playing season venue, current sign-up forms, membership form, and other information provided by the President, board members, and newsletter editor.


Section 11   Newsletter Editor – The President shall appoint with approval of the board a newsletter editor.  The Newsletter editor shall be responsible for assembling and editing articles for the newsletter in a form suitable for printing and uploading to the Club website.


Section 12   Team Captains - Team Captains are appointed by the President.  They shall arrange tennis play in accordance with the guidance contained in the Operating Procedures.  Team Captains shall name alternates to substitute for them in their absence. 


Section 13   Rating Committee - There shall be a Rating committee consisting of at least 6 members.  The members of the Committee shall be appointed by the President with approval of the Board.   The Committee will be appointed following a request for volunteers from the general membership of Golden Racquets.  A Chairman shall be selected by the members of the Committee.

The Committee shall rate each new member and current members in accordance with Paragraph 10 of the Administrative section of the By-Laws.  At least two members of the Rating Committee shall be involved in each rating process.  The rating standards used by Golden Racquets will generally follow the National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP).  A copy of the standards used will be included with the applications given to prospective new members so that they are aware of these standards prior to being rated.  Rating of new members should be conducted within three weeks of receipt of the application depending upon the availability of the applicant.

The Rating Guide outlining the rating process is used for rating new members and certification of current ratings.  It is intended that the Guide be used as a reference in the rating process and to train new members of the rating committee.  The Rating Committee should review the guide annually for possible changes


Section 14   Social Committee - There shall be a Social Committee consisting of at least two members.  The members of the Committee shall be appointed by the President with approval of the Board.  The Committee shall be appointed following a request for volunteers from the general membership of Golden Racquets.  A Chairman shall be selected by the members of the Committee.


The Committee shall be responsible for the conduct of the Annual Meeting of the Golden Racquets and parties approved by the Executive Board.   The conduct of each of these events is outlined in the Social Chairman’s Guide.  The Committee should periodically review this Guide for possible changes.


Section 15   Caring Committee - There shall be a Caring Committee consisting of at least two members.  The members of the Committee shall be appointed by the President with approval of the Board.  The Committee shall be appointed following a request for volunteers from the general membership of Golden Racquets.  A Chairman shall be selected by the members of the Committee.


The Committee shall be responsible for responding to notices of illness, accident, or death of a Golden Racquet member or family.  Response will include but not be limited to delivery of flowers, cards, or donations.  The committee will report its activities at each board meeting.


Section 16   Operations and Planning Chairman – The President shall appoint with the approval of the board an Operations and Planning Chairman.  The Chairperson will be responsible for training new captains in both the pairing process and the overall management responsibilities of their tennis venue.  During each season’s court assignments the Chairman shall work with the Vice President to ensure that members are assigned to a venue that best fits their desires and abilities and review new member surveys to determine how golden racquets can help achieve their goals for tennis.


The Chairperson will visit each playing venue at least once each season and determine any problems the captain is having and seek to achieve a resolution.  The Chairperson will talk with players and captains to seek ways of improving venues.  The Chairperson will coordinate with the officers of Golden Racquets to secure support for any initiative which would involve unique, special solutions and propose long-term objectives for Golden Racquets for increasing the number of player venues and player participation.


Section 17   Membership Chair – The President shall appoint, with the approval of the Board, a Member Chair.  The Membership Chair is responsible for both the promotion of the Club and for the processing of new member applications.


Section 18   Removal of Officers, Chairs, and Captains – Members seeking removal of an Officer must first petition the Executive Board.  The petition must be signed by 30 members of Golden Racquets.  Upon receipt of the petition the Executive Board shall call a special meeting of the Board within 45 Days for the purpose of voting on the petition.   Officers who have been proposed for removal shall have the opportunity to be heard at the special meeting.  Removal of Officers shall require a 3/4 vote of the Officers of the Board.  Removal of a Chair or Captain shall require a majority vote of the Executive Board.




Section 1   Annual Meeting - The Annual Meeting of the general membership shall be held on the Third (3rd) Tuesday of October or on an appropriate date fixed by the Board.  Additional membership meetings shall be scheduled by the President as required.


Section 2   Annual Meeting Conduct - Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order and voting may be by voice, show of hands, or by ballot in accordance with the wishes of the members present.  Any member may submit proposals for consideration at any regular or special membership meeting.  Proposals should be in writing and submitted to the Secretary prior to the meeting.  Approvals of motions and elections of officers shall be determined by a majority of the members present and voting, including written proxies.




Section 1   Nominations and Elections - Nominations and elections of officers shall be made at the Annual Meeting of the membership. The President will appoint a nominating committee to propose a slate of officers for election. Nominations may also be accepted from the floor provided the person nominated has agreed to serve.  The term of office in this Club shall be for two (2) years.  Officers may be re-elected.




Section 1   This Constitution and its accompanying by-laws may be amended at the Annual Membership meeting or at any special general membership meeting called for that purpose, by a majority of members present and voting including written proxies.







(Revised: October 20, 2015)




     These By-laws, and the Operating Procedures accompanying them, establish the proper procedures for play and conduct of Club officers and members.


     They are formulated to discourage any official or member from independently establishing his or her ideas of conduct which do not conform to the accepted and approved programs of the membership.  While new ideas and methods are welcome, it is not intended that any individual or group arbitrarily inject new procedures without the approval of the Board and the membership, and that new procedures occur in an orderly manner.  Because play occurs at several playing sites, standardized procedures are needed.




1.    Indoor playing fees, expressed as the cost of one day's play per week per season, will be structured to include ball costs and indoor court fees.  Indoor players will be charged an average cost regardless of the charges at the indoor site to which they are assigned.


Payments for playing fees and other assessments shall be made by check or money order payable to Fairfax County Golden Racquets and submitted to the Chief Information Officer.  



2.  Failure on the part of any member to pay the required assessments prior to the start of either the summer or fall/winter seasons shall be cause for excluding such member from participation until accounts have been satisfactorily resolved.


3.  The Board will furnish members slot reservation request forms with instructions for submission in accordance with deadlines.  Members should indicate playing priorities to assist the slot assignment process. Payment for playing fees must accompany slot reservations.



 4. When a venue is overbooked, a member’s slot request is awarded in order of their seniority number which was assigned when he or she joined GR. If the member does not submit a request for a slot within the allocated sign up period, or has already been assigned a first choice and has requested to play at additional venues, he or she will have no seniority in the selection process for any additional venues that are overbooked. However, players selected as captains retain their seniority if they desire to play at a second venue.

Member serving as an elected officer, a standing committee chair, or a captain for an entire season, summer or winter, will be guaranteed his/her first play slot request regardless of seniority number and will continue to have this privilege for one year after leaving their position. Co-captains, performing the duties and responsibilities as a Captain for half of the winter season will earn this privilege for the subsequent season.

Current Board members and Captains are grandfathered into the previous By-law provision.


5.  Members are responsible for their playing commitments. If they decide to sell all or any part of their contracted time, to another member, they should first contact the President, Vice President or Operations and Planning Chair, who will know of members desiring additional time or who have a priority to fill a vacant slot.  It is the Club policy to assist a member in finding replacements or changing playing locations.  Refunds will only be considered in the event of sudden and serious illness.  Anyone who abandons their commitment to play regularly without finding a replacement will be dropped from membership and remaining court fees forfeited unless there are special circumstances approved by the President.


6.  During indoor play, substitutes are expected to reimburse the regularly assigned player, unless otherwise agreed.  This provision does not apply in those instances where the substitution is arranged by the Team Captain.


7.  Any officer of this Club, appointed by the President, may serve as a contracting officer in arranging for indoor play on local commercial tennis courts during the winter season;.  A proper contract should be drawn up specifying the number of courts desired for specific days, the hours of those days, the period covered by the contract, and the costs involved.  A copy should be given to the Club owner, the Treasurer, and the President of this Club.


8.  Any purchases, such as tennis balls, equipment, or services, acquired in behalf of the Club by a member, should be accompanied by an invoice which should be submitted to the Treasurer for reimbursement.  Except for procurement of postage stamps, limited office supplies, administrative expenses and tennis balls, all purchases shall be approved by the Board.


9.  Upon application for membership in this Club, the candidate will be asked to play doubles in order to determine his or her rating. 

10.   Members who sign up for regular play are expected to have a playing skill level of at least a 3.0 rating. Players signing up for restricted rating venues must also   

        maintain the required level of play for those venues.
        The following should be brought to the attention of the Rating Committee Chairman by a Venue Captain or by a Rating Committee member when:
            1. A player is no longer playing at a 3.0 level.
            2. A player is no longer playing at the required level for a specific venue.
            3. A player is playing either higher or lower than their rating in any venue on a sustained basis.
            4. A playing member or substitute has not had their rating reviewed in three years.
        In the above situations, the Chairman will have members of the committee review and possibly re-rate the person. If a new rating is assigned, the player may request that the decision 

        be  reconsidered. In addition the player may also request an on-court evaluation if the following conditions exist:
            1. The re-rating moves the player from 3.8 or above to below a 3.8
            2. The re-rating moves the player from 3.5 or above to below a 3.5.
            3. The re-rating moves the player from 3.0 or above to below a 3.0.
        All members may request a new rating by the Golden Racquets Rating Committee only once in two (2) calendar years.



11.  Members whose official rating is below a 3.0 rating or below the required rating level for a specific venue will be restricted from signing up for either all Golden Racquets venues or restricted Golden Racquets venues as applicable.


12.  In the interest of obtaining more optimum mixes of playing skills, and at the discretion of the Board, minimum skill levels may be imposed.


13.  The Emergency Data information contained on the data card will be included in an Emergency Calling Roster and distributed to Team Captains.  Members are responsible for advising Team Captains and the Club of changes in emergency data.






1.  The Club Schedule will indicate "no play" days.


2.  Captains are authorized to cancel scheduled play because of inclement weather or extreme heat.  In such a situation individual members can play at their own discretion.


3.  In conducting tennis matches, Team Captains have sole responsibility for selecting the type of pairing system to be used.  Team Captains shall make every effort to match opposing players on as balanced playing level as practicable. 


4.  Team assignments are made on a designated court number and usually an associated "A" or "B" letter which designates the side of the court play is to take place and the partner with whom play will be conducted.  The "A" side is always the nearest side as the court is entered.


5.  New tennis balls will be used for each playing day. 


6.  Members contemplating a change of plans should transmit such information to the Team Captains well in advance of the affected date.  If furnished at the court itself, the information should be given to the Team Captain in writing to preclude any misunderstanding.


7.  Members who cannot play on a particular day are responsible for getting their own member substitutes and advising the Team Captain of the member's name at least 24 hours in advance.


8.  Players may invite guests, provided this is coordinated in advance with the Team Captain and an estimate of the guest’s playing level is provided to the Captain..


9.  Unless otherwise announced, privileges at indoor Clubs are limited to use of the courts, lounge areas and dressing rooms.


10.  Any member found to be in repeated violation of the Code of Conduct of the U.S. Tennis Association, or who continually exhibits unsportsmanlike conduct, or who continually disrupts scheduled play shall be  restricted from playing at all venues.


11. A player’s tardiness or absence without obtaining a substitute results in an immediate adverse impact upon players who have shown up on time (players should be at the venue ready to

 play 15 minutes before the start of play).

Players are expected to notify their captain of a substitute player at least 24 hours before play time so the captain has time to include the substitute on the playing roster for that date. If a player cannot obtain a substitute, the captain shall be notified at once and he or she will attempt to find a substitute player. If the captain finds the substitute and there is a sub fee for the venue, no sub fee will be paid.

If a player is a no-show without getting a substitute or is tardy by 10 minutes or more during a playing season, he or she shall be warned by the captain who shall keep a record. If either conduct mentioned above is repeated during the season, and the conduct is considered by the captain to be unjustified by the circumstances, the Operations and Planning Chairman shall be notified. The Operations and Planning Chairman, after consultation with the Vice President and President, shall take appropriate action which may include: a warning, or a dropping from the rolls for that venue or from all Golden Racquets venues for the season, or in severe cases, from membership in Golden Racquets. Depending upon the circumstances of the particular situation,  a member’s playing fees may not be returned.  


12. With the concurrence of the Vice President and the Operations and Planning Chairman, a captain may refuse to accept and/or keep a player, either as a regular player or as a  substitute, who cannot be satisfactorily paired within the captain's venue. In the event of a disagreement between the captain, the Vice President or the Operations and Planning Chairman, the President shall decide the issue. If a player is presently playing in that venue, his or her money shall be refunded on a pro-rata basis for the rest of the season if another venue cannot be provided.



Note: These Operating Procedures, although appended to this document, are subject to revision by the Board at any time in accordance with ARTICLE IV Section 4 of the Constitution.



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