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To qualify for membership:  You have to be over 50 years of age and meet our minimum playing skill level.

Cost: There is a one-time (non-refundable) registration fee of $10 and annual dues of $20 (refundable if you don't qualify).  The total of $30 is payable by check to “Golden Racquets” at the time you submit your application.


Golden Racquets offers both summer and winter season doubles play at indoor and outdoor sites.  Playing times are mornings in the outdoor sites and afternoons in the indoor sites.  The outdoor sites are 1½ hours in length and the indoor sites are either 1½ or 2 hours, depending on the site.  The summer season begins in early May and ends in late August (typically 17 weeks).  The winter season begins in early September and ends in late April (typically 33 weeks).

  The cost for an:

  • Outdoor season is $20 for each venue.

  • Indoor season varies according to the rates given to Golden Racquets from each club and the length of season.  However, they are considerable less than joining and playing at the club.

Before each season, you will receive an application asking you to select court(s) and time(s) you wish to play and/or sub.  Because some courts and times are more popular than others, final assignments are based on seniority which, as a general rule, relates to the date you join the club. Once assignments are complete, you will be sent a roster listing all playing members and where they are playing or subbing.


NOTE: Any member who drops his or her membership for a season loses his or her seniority when re-joining Golden Racquets at a later date.  This means you may not get your first pick of your favorite playing venue.  In addition to the social interaction at tennis play, Golden Racquets hosts tennis parties throughout the year.  We also hold an annual meeting/luncheon in October of each year.  We look forward to receiving your application and welcoming you as a member of our tennis and social activities in Golden Racquets.  
If you become a member after season play has begun, you can volunteer to substitute. There is always a need for subs, and for those who regularly do so, a fairly high demand. Thereafter, you will receive an application asking you to select a court(s) and time(s)

If you have any questions, please contact us

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