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1.  The Club Schedule will indicate "no play" days.


2.  Captains are authorized to cancel scheduled play because of inclement weather or extreme heat.  In such a situation individual members can play at their own discretion.


3.  In conducting tennis matches, Team Captains have sole responsibility for selecting the type of pairing system to be used.  Team Captains shall make every effort to match opposing players on as balanced playing level as practicable. 


4.  Team assignments are made on a designated court number.


5.  New tennis balls will be used for each playing day. 


6.  Members contemplating a change of plans should transmit such information to the Team Captains well in advance of the affected date. 


7.  Members who cannot play on a particular day are responsible for getting their own member substitutes and advising the Team Captain of the member's name at least 24 hours in advance.


8.  Captains can invite non-GR members in an emergency where GR subs are not available.


9.  Unless otherwise announced, privileges at indoor Clubs are limited to use of the courts, lounge areas and dressing rooms.


10.  Any member found to be in repeated violation of the Code of Conduct of the U.S. Tennis Association, or who continually exhibits unsportsmanlike conduct, or who continually disrupts scheduled play shall be restricted from playing at all venues.


11. A player’s tardiness or absence without obtaining a substitute results in an immediate adverse impact upon players who have shown up on time (players should be at the venue ready to play 15 minutes before the start of play).

Players are expected to notify their captain of a substitute player at least 24 hours before play time so the captain has time to include the substitute on the playing roster for that date. If a player cannot obtain a substitute, the captain shall be notified at once and he or she will attempt to find a substitute player. If the captain finds the substitute and there is a sub fee for the venue, no sub fee will be paid.

If a player is a no-show without getting a substitute or is tardy by 10 minutes or more during a playing season, he or she shall be warned by the captain who shall keep a record. If either conduct mentioned above is repeated during the season, and the conduct is considered by the captain to be unjustified by the circumstances, the Operations and Planning Chairman shall be notified. The Operations and Planning Chairman, after consultation with the Vice President and President, shall take appropriate action which may include: a warning, or a dropping from the rolls for that venue or from all Golden Racquets venues for the season, or in severe cases, from membership in Golden Racquets. Depending upon the circumstances of the particular situation, a member’s playing fees may not be returned.  


12. With the concurrence of the Vice President and the Operations and Planning Chairman, a captain may refuse to accept and/or keep a player, either as a regular player or as a substitute, who cannot be satisfactorily paired within the captain's venue. In the event of a disagreement between the captain, the Vice President or the Operations and Planning Chairman, the President shall decide the issue. If a player is presently playing in that venue, his or her money shall be refunded on a pro-rata basis for the rest of the season if another venue cannot be provided. 


Note: These Operating Procedures, although appended to this document, are subject to revision by the Board at any time in accordance with ARTICLE IV Section 4 of the Constitution.

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