2022/2023 Fall-Winter
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                                                                              Revised 5/13/2021

1.  You must wear a mask entering a tennis facility but no masks are required during tennis play. Once leaving the courts, your masks must be worn until you reach your car. Masks are not required for outside tennis play. No masks are required for before or after a tennis session outside.

2.  After tennis is completed good sportsmanship personal touching like handshakes and high fives are not allowed. Verbal comments like “good game” or the touching of tennis racquets (large ends of racquets) is recommended. 

3. Social distancing of 6 feet should be followed at all times.

Golden Racquet PURPOSE:
The purpose of this organization is to promote the sport of tennis among senior citizens of Fairfax County, Virginia as a means of recreation, physical fitness, and the sharing of good fellowship. Member - USTA