Revised 7/12/20


  1. Sanitize your hands and wear a mask prior to entering a tennis facility or outdoor court. Using masks once tennis play has started is optional. Once play is completed, mask should be worn and hands sanitized.

  2. Social distancing of 6 feet should be followed at all times except on the occasional times two players get closer while returning a tennis ball.

  3. Ideally players should go directly from their cars to the tennis courts. Exceptions will be to log in at a tennis facility or get instructions in the parking lot from captains about court assignments. Socializing indoors in a lounge before tennis starts should not be done. Socializing in the parking lot is fine as long as masks are worn and the 6 foot rule followed. Upon entering a tennis facility, deposit your tennis bag 6 feet from other bags on the court.

  4. After tennis is completed good sportsmanship personal touching like handshakes and high fives are not allowed. Verbal comments like “good game” or the touching of tennis rackets (large end of rackets) is recommended.

  5. Players can use their practice balls in warmup but they must be at least four days since they were last used. If no one on the court has warmup balls that are at least four days old then no warmup balls are to be used.

  6. If tennis balls from other courts come on your court, you must kick them back or use your racket to return the balls. Touching the balls to return them is not allowed.

Golden Racquet PURPOSE:

The purpose of this organization is to promote the sport of tennis among senior citizens of Fairfax County, Virginia as a means of recreation, physical fitness, and the sharing of good fellowship. Member - USTA