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Fred and Linda Temple

2019 Award Winners



If you have had the chance to play at Golden Racquet venues with Fred and Linda Temple, you probably have also been lucky enough to enjoy some delicious food cooked up and served by both of them during the venue.  With a plethora of offerings, ranging from corn on the cob and fried chicken all the way to authentic Thai cuisine (with its perfect blend of salty, sweet, sour, and spicy), Fred and Linda have a smile for you as they greet you with the phrase “Gin Khao Yung” (meaning – have you eaten yet) .

Their generosity (a crucial part of Buddhism) provides Golden Racquets players not a just a sign of respect but also encourages us to be generous players as well – it is pleasantry in a language another person easily understands.  It is a pure gift, with pure intentions to a pure recipient, where we are considered virtuous people who would be worthy of a gift.

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